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Since the early 1800’s the Pennsylvania Dutch have adorned their barns with large colorful geometrical designs. These large eye catching paintings were the inspiration for the modern Dutch Hex Signs. Jacob Zook, an 11th generation Pennsylvania Dutchman that developed a deep appreciation for these traditional hex designs as a youth. His love of this form of folk art developed as he matured and lead to his creation of the modern dutch hex sign. For more on the origins and history of these signs please read our Hex Sign History section.

We now use hex signs to decorate our homes, sheds and garages. Hex signs now commonly
come as small as 8 inches in diameter and as large as 24 inches diameter. Smaller signs are often displayed inside the home. Larger signs capture the attention of passers by with their bright colors when mounted on garages and barns.

Dutch Hex Sign designs have special meanings that represent many things such as good luck, happiness, good fortune and good health. These meanings are a product of the different elements that the designs are composed of. To find out more about their specific meanings take a look at our Meanings Section.

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